EERA LCE Coordination Workshop - 31 August, Milano


Based on previous successful experiences in Trondheim (2015) and Riga (2016), the EERA-European Energy Research Alliance Joint Programme (JP) on Smart Grids is organizing a workshop to address project proposals for the forthcomings calls on “Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy” of Horizon 2020.

This “LCE Coordination workshop” (see the Agenda) is hosted by RSE in Milano on 31 August 2016, aims at the coordination of proposals to H2020 LCE open calls and is open to EERA SG JP Members and Associated Members only.

As in past events, in the morning session project ideas will be presented in a plenary session,  while, in the afternoon, parallel session will be organized in order to merge and select the best proposals for the specific open topics.