EL29 - "Toward Coordinated Robust Allocation of Reserve Policies for a Cell-based Power System", IEEE - ISGT Europe 2016, Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 9-12

Junjie Hu (DTU), Kai Heussen (DTU), Bert Claessens (Restore), Lei Sunx (ZheJiang University), Reinhilde D'Hulst (Vito)





Conventional regulation reserves have fixed participation factors and are thus not well suited to utilize differentiated capabilities of ancillary service providers. This study applies linear decision rules-based (LDR) control policies, which effectively adapt the present participation factor in dependence of the imbalance signal of previous time steps. The LDR-policies are centrally computed using a robust optimization approach which takes into account both the covariances of historic imbalance signals and the operational flexibility of ancillary service providers. The concept is then extended to the cooperation of multiple cells. Two illustrating examples are presented to show the functioning of the proposed LDR method.