ELECTRA IRP at the Indian Smart Grid Week

New Delhi, 7th- 10th March 2017ELECTRA IRP at the Indian Smart Grid Week - pict

Luciano Martini (RSE) and Helfried Brunner (AIT), will participate in the Indian Smart Grid Week conference which will be held in New Delhi, India, on 7th- 10th March 2017.
The ELECTRA IEEE paper "An European Integrated Research Program on Smart Grids and the ELECTRA Web-Of-Cells Concept" has been selected among the top 20 papers for oral presentation at the Conference that will be held on March 9th. The presentation will be delivered by Helfried Brunner.
Moreover, Luciano and Helfried will attend the Executive Committee (ExCo) meeting of ISGAN (the International Smart Grids Action Network) as Italian and Austrian representatives, respectively. The ExCo of ISGAN is chaired by Michele De Nigris of RSE.