Application Form

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Please read the call for application page first and then start filling in the template further below.

Be aware that a copy of the application form will be sent to both the applicant and the main contact of the Host organisation.

Section A.1

Details of the applicant

  • Applicant Gender
Section A.2

Proposed Host

Section A.3

Type of project

Section A.4

Description of the work to be performed during the exchange

  • 999 Words left
Section A.5

Which ELECTRA Work Packages do you intend to give your contribute to

Section A.6

Details of how this piece of work links to the ELECTRA work programme

  • 999 Words left
Section A.7

Expected duration of the Exchange project

Section A.8

Expected starting date

Section A.9

Plan for work exploitation and dissemination: papers/ conferences/ workshops etc.

  • 989 Characters left
Section A.10

Proposed budget for REX grant period (travel costs, accommodation, subsistence)

The values stated (above) shall not to be exeeded without the prior written consent of the ELECTRA REX Coordinator, University of Strathclyde

Section A.11


Universal Exchange Deliverables


  • In addition to the exchange project description and plan shown above, the following will be produced by each exchange:

    • An extended abstract on the research activity for publication on the ELECTRA web page (responsibility of the Researcher);

    • Two completed exchange questionnaires (one by the Researcher, and one by the Host Organisation);

    • A jointly authored paper (responsibility of the Researcher and Host Organisation);

    • A financial summary to support the case for expenses (responsibility of the Researcher).


Section B.1

Attach an up-to-date academic style CV including work experience, projects, papers etc. (pdf file only)

Section B.2

Describe/highlight relevant experience to show technical capabilities, e.g. projects worked on, significant papers, technical skills (1000 words max)

  • 999 Words left
Section C.1

Attach a document (pdf file only) containing:

i. Description the research facilities, training and development, opportunities to engage with wider Host Organisation, and anything further that the Host will arrange for the Exchange Researcher
ii. List the key individuals involved in the Exchange and their roles
iii. Two letters of intent (one each from the Home and Host Organisations)
iv. Plan for exploitation and impact
v. Training and development opportunities during the Researcher's visit
vi. Agreed principles on which IP will be managed

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