SINTEF performs applied contract research related to power production, energy conversion, transmission, distribution and use of energy. The institute is a non-commercial research organisation with approx. 200 employees and turnover of EUR 52 mill in 2011. It is part of SINTEF group, the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia, with approx. 2100 employees carrying out contract research in a broad range of fields. The vision of SINTEF is "Technology for a better society". SINTEF has many years of experience with energy system and electricity market analyses, including transmission system planning, integration of RES (especially wind power), hydro power storage, balance management and assessment of security of supply. The institute holds a broad range of relevant software tools and data models, and has a comprehensive technical, economic and governance related knowledge especially on the Nordic power system, but also on the whole European system through participation in relevant EU-projects.

SINTEF's Role in ELECTRA IRP: SINTEF Energi AS has a significant role in ELECTRA project being involved in several keywork packages. SINTEF leads WP5 "Increased Observability", which will develop adequate concepts and methods for sufficient observing state of the future power system on several levels. Furthermore SINTEF leads T6.4 "Conceptual design of economically optimal control of flexibility options" and participates in WP3, WP6 and WP7.

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Key Personnel Involved: Samdal K., Morch A.Uhlen K.