Institute of Power Engineering

IEN EN logoIEN is an application oriented, state owned, research unit, with projects performed mainly in-house. However, co-operation with industrial partners has been intensified during last years. Gdansk Branch is active both in research and technical services. Technical services are performed by the same staff which provides R&D. It significantly helps us to get a valuable feedback from our customers. In general, IEN takes part in the whole process, from the study phase through development, design, manufacturing and installation supervision up to commissioning. This approach is applied to all our products and equipment provided. Research activity is centered around participation in research projects, providing publications and analyses of different kind and scope. IEn is active in many others international organizations like CIGRE, EERA, WEC, UNIPEDE, EUREELECTRIC, ECE and European Flame Research Initiative (EFRI).

IEN's Role in ELECTRA IRP: IEN will use its expertise to support work carried out in different WP in ELECTRA program. Each of the tasks undertaken by IEN will be carried out by a different department within the company. The division results from the fact that the departments vary in expertise and specialization. Thus, a participant in WP3 will be the Department of Power System Automation, WP4 will be carried out by Control and Data Communication Department, whereas System Analysis Department will participate in WP5 and WP6 working packages.

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Key Personnel Involved: Madajewski K.Kosmecki M.