European Distributed Energy Resources Laboratories

DERLABThe European Distributed Energy Resources Laboratories (in short DERlab) is an association connecting twenty leading research institutes in the field of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Smart Grids in sixteen countries. With various activities in research, networking and awareness-raising, the association fosters the preconditions of pre-competitive and pre-normative research for a more environmentally sustainable power generation in the future. The European member institutes are accompanied with two institutes (Sandia and NREL) in the U. S. and therefore DERlab facilitates knowledge transfer and networking also at international level. DERlab and its member institutes conduct and participate in projects in research on DER devices and systems, with the special focus on optimisation of test procedures and on the development of research infrastructures.
Various scientific, educative and information events of DERlab further promote the bi-directional flow of information with within the international researcher community, industry, decision-makers and the public.

DERLAB's Role in ELECTRA IRP: DERlab will lead WP2 and be a contributor to a number of other work packages.
By participating in many European Projects such as in DERri, SOPHIA and PV GRID, DERlab is strongly supporting the consistent development of DER technologies as well as the deployment of Smart Grids and development of Smart Grids environment. DERlab has published several white books and other technical reports, of which relevant to ELECTRA are:
• Requirements to Testing of Power System Services Provided by DER Units
• International White Book on DER Protection: Review and Testing Procedures
• Electromagnetic Compatibility for Distributed Energy Resources and
• European White Book on Grid-Connected Storage.

Currently DERlab is also participating in STARGRID project (EU FP7, 2012-2014) which maps out and analyses the current standardisation landscape of Smart Grids in Europe and on international level. DERlab network with its international member institutes has a wide international contact network within research, industry, local or national authorities, standardisation bodies, associations, networks and media. DERlab is currently the coordinator of the dissemination activities of the European projects DERri, STARGRID and EEPOS.

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Key Personnel Involved: Cracium D., Purvins A., Numminen S.