WP 11 - Program Management and Reporting

WP11 is devoted to all management activities and its main objective is to setup and operate a management structure covering legal, financial and operational and reporting aspects.
This includes:
• To enable the communication between all ELECTRA consortium partners and promoting a clear vision of the overall IRP;

• To maintain decisions taken by consensus at the lowest possible level even if the formal IRP management structure for decision making provides an open and unambiguous decision process;
• To monitor the progress of the ELECTRA IRP and to adjust the work flow when needed to meet the objectives on time;
• To monitor the use of resources in the project and to take appropriate measures to mitigate important deviations
• To prepare and follow-up the implementation of necessary amendments to the grant agreement
• The implementation of the appropriate decision making procedures.
• To act as contact with the EC for the scientific, technical, administrative, and financial aspects of the ELECTRA IRP

This work package covers organisational management, enabling the researchers to focus on technical work; whereas technical coordination (not covered in this work package) is about ensuring alignment and consistency of the technical work.

The Program management work package will ensure the correct administration of the entire IRP and secure achievement of the ELECTRA IRP objectives within budget, quality and deadlines. At the beginning of the IRP, the coordinator will elaborate and develop a quality assurance plan for IRP management, which will include guidelines for financial reporting, presentation of quality measures for deliverables and reports to the European Commission, measures to ensure timely reporting, etc. This Quality Management Plan, will be the prerequisite for a successful IRP management and monitoring.

WP11 Tasks:
• T11.1: Administrative and Financial Management
• T11.2: Quality Management
• T11.3: Contractual meetings with the European Commission
• T11.4: General Program meetings

WP Leader: Martini L. (RSE)

WP Vice Leader:

Partner involved: ALL