ELECTRA IRP - EvolvDSO Technical Workshop

Joint-Electra-EvolvDSO-001A joint workshop Electra/EvolvDSO will be held in Brussel on April 15th - 10.00-16.30.

This is a very important opportunity to truly engage with industry stakeholders (esp. DSOs) to explain in more detail Electra proposed web-of-cells concept, the rationale behind it, and the technical control challenges as well as a preliminary view on the Electra solutions. Moreover the DSOs point of view on requirements of future control rooms will be discussed and gathered by means of a questionnaire.

Such industry feedback can be a crucial input to further steer and prioritize the Electra activities, and is strongly recommended by Electra Project Officer and by the project reviewers. Next to being of extreme value for Electra, it is of high interest for the EvolvDSO project partners as well, to serve as input for their discussions related to ‘the future role of DSOs’.